On exploiting my Scottish heritage



Shirt from Madewell (are you sensing a pattern here?), skirt from J Crew, tights from somewhere, shoes by Steve Madden, and necklace from my lovely and stylish late great-grandmother.

This outfit was a bit crazy even by my standards, but I felt like I did The Man Repeller proud.  Print mixing is one of those trends that’s easier said than done.  In theory, you take two different items with different patterns and wear them together, but in reality, it’s an art.  Because honestly, some patterns just look weird together, and others that seem totally wrong look right.  I think the trick to print mixing is to mix either really opposite or really similar, like two different floral, prints.  See example A.  Under no circumstances do plaid and leopard seem like they should mix, but they worked pretty well here, if I do say so myself (unless they don’t, and I’m just crazy? I’ve noticed that my outfits become increasingly experimental the less sleep that I get.)  All I know is, if print mixing is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


One thought on “On exploiting my Scottish heritage

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