Pajamas as Outerwear

I wore this outfit out for tapas with my roommate to celebrate both of our new jobs. Nothing like spending money before you actually make money (I vaguely remember something like that happening in an episode of Arrested Development with Lindsay, and that it didn’t end so well. And someone probably ended it by saying “I’ve made a huge mistake.”) The shirt is Anthropologie, trousers from Madewell, and shoes from Zara.

Fun story, I’d been stalking these shoes online at Zara’s website and pretty much every street style blog since they’d come out, and then when they sold out online I thought that was the end. But as fate would have it, fast forward a few months, I’m in NYC frantically searching for a pair of shoes to replace the most uncomfortable flats with an hour before my next meeting. As I entered Zara with 15 minutes to spare, the shoe gods store spotlights shone down on a pair of these in my size, and I literally wore them out the door. Compared to the too-small loafers I had been wearing before, these felt like Uggs. I don’t actually wear Uggs for the simple reason that “Hey, those Uggs look super cute with that outfit!” is something nobody has said, ever, so I’m assuming that everyone wears them because they’re comfortable. Otherwise I really have no explanation for why anyone would pay hundreds of dollars for elephant feet.  Anyway, these Zara shoes also hold the record for most compliments from strangers in an hour (10).  So, if you find yourself in New York wearing uncomfortable shoes, I totally recommend these.


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