Transitioning winter wear into spring


Sweater: J. Crew, Shoes: Belle Sigerson Morrison, Pants: American Eagle denim leggings from years ago that I’m surprised haven’t fallen apart by now, glasses: Warby Parker (check them out if you haven’t already, they’re a great company).

Although the flowers may be out, the birds may be chirping, and the temperatures may be rising, it is definitely not spring yet, something I found out the hard way after starting out my day in shorts and then getting all kinds of awkward stares and goosebumps walking around campus.  So I quickly came back to my room and changed into pants, and these eskimo booties (they may also be a sprained ankle in the making, but they’re the chicest way to sprain your ankle, guaranteed.).  Don’t be fooled, though: the fur, sweater, and fully-covered limbs may seem like the makings of a winter outfit, but the mint and pastel blue are fully on trend with spring.  (Or maybe next fall?  I’m getting my fashion collections all mixed up.)  I know what you’re thinking though, and yes, I did walk like an egyptian eskimo:

This picture brings up two sentiments: 1. my form is all kinds of off, and 2. I really need to clean my mirror.


2 thoughts on “Transitioning winter wear into spring

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