Adventures in Sleep Deprived Outfit Planning

Shirt: Madewell, shoes: Forever21, dress: H&M by way of Ebay, collar:diy using this tutorial, necklace: gift.

Inspired by this post here, I broke out my old prom dress today to wear for the second time in its otherwise pretty sad existence, which up until now has pretty much consisted of hanging in a closet for three years.  Originally I bought it thinking that compared to the glitter- and sequin- adorned full length gowns of my counterparts, this dress seemed way more practical and would lend itself more easily to future use.  But in retrospect, just how practical can a bright red mini dress adorned with 3d flowers be?  And although it may seem as though I should have outgrown it after so long, now seems like an appropriate time to mention that aside from one short-(pun intended)lived growth spurt, I haven’t grown since 7th grade.

Put together on a grand total of 3 hours of sleep, a topic I’ve already touched on, I turned to my roommate for approval (something along the lines of, “On a scale of 1 to bag lady, how crazy does this outfit make me look?”) before leaving the room, and she approved, so wear it I did.  (The jury’s still out on the bag lady issue though. Thoughts?)  Pictured below is the whole ensemble, jac[ket] and caboodle.

**I think my bangs were in my face, I swear I don’t have crazy and/or lazy eyes.




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