Borrowed from the Boy[scouts]

Shoes: Forever21, Jeans + shirt: Madewell, Scarf and belt: gifts, sweet-as suede jacket: my dad.

I know, I know, this isn’t the usual dorm room set up.  In fact, this was taken in a public bathroom, but it was the bathroom of a swanky neighborhood coffee shop so really, isn’t it more like an upgrade?  (Dorm room vs. coffee shop bathroom, I’ll let you decide.) Either way, try not to get used to it, regular programming will resume shortly.

A discussion of the above pictured jacket: much like the dress featured in the previous post, this jacket has lived a pretty uneventful life of closet-hopping (which, although it bears close resemblance to the term “bar-hopping”, is decidedly much less exciting) from a storage box to my sister’s closet and finally to mine, where it sat for a year before I finally took it out for a spin the other day.  Originally worn by my dad circa his glory days years in Boy Scouts, the fact that it fits probably says more about my physique than I’d like it to.  I felt kind of like an odd combination of hippie-cowboy-hipster attempting irony, but the awesomeness of the jacket and the head nods of approval from real life hipsters more than offset the temporary case of multiple identity disorder.  I will say though, this jacket may fit in with modern outfits, but it definitely smells ancient. I think I’ll let it air out for a bit before I wear it next.


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