Taking a break

Kimono + Shorts: Mikkat Market, shirt: Martin and Osa, Shoes: Madewell.

I’m sorry, I lied, this post is only halfway back to the dorm.  However, last week marked a special week, the very same one that has become the subject of far too many subpar teen comedies: Spring Break.  It only comes once a year, so attention must be paid.  I celebrated by spending part of the week experiencing spring in Maine, known as “winter” everywhere else, and then heading down to Tampa where the heat, humidity, and sun were in full swing.  If my suitcase could talk, it would have said, “What the hell?”  I won’t post any pictures of what I wore while in Maine because quite frankly it was winter, and I was more concerned with covering my extremities and less with looking cute.  If you’d still like to see some of my ensembles despite the aforementioned warning, click here.

I had the pleasure of being given a tour of Tampa by my wonderful cousin Krista, who so kindly housed, wined (Kidding, kidding, MTV Spring Break it was not.), and dined me, and also took the above photograph.  Altogether it was a wonderful visit and a wonderful break, so thank you Krista!

**And for the record, it totally beat any of those teen movies.


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