This One’s for You, Mom

Jeans + Cardigan: Madewell; Shirt: J. Crew; Shoes + belt: gifted.

Finally, as promised, we’re back to the dorm.  And I didn’t even clean my mirror.  It’s good to be back.

Full disclosure:  This post serves two purposes, kills two birds with one stone if you will.  I wanted to make an outfit post, and I wanted to show my mother my new jeans.  True story, she is the top commenter on this blog, followed by my dad in a close second.  Thanks, guys.  Without you, none of this would be possible.  Literally.

Aaaaand on that note, it was recently brought to my attention that I have the same exact haircut-layers, length, bangs, everything-as my mother.  While they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, considering we both already share a knack for worrying, an affinity for hiking, and 50 percent of our genetic makeup, having the same hairstyle likely qualifies as overkill.  So while I wait for my hair to grow out, I’ve been experimenting (read: rocking a topknot everyday, except for this particular day).  Inspired by this tutorial, it will hide any hairstyle, no matter how awkward the transitional stage it happens to be in is, guaranteed.  It brings to mind a certain Britney Spears’ song, something like “Not a bob, not yet a Farrah.”  Anyway, it’s easy, looks good no matter which hairstyles you happen to be between, and holds up surprisingly well, assuming you use a lifetime supply of hair spray and bobby pins.  Just be prepared to explain to everyone in great detail how you managed to do it.


5 thoughts on “This One’s for You, Mom

  1. kristawest says:

    Im in love with this outfit and hairstyle. You can rock anything becks! As for the whole mother situation, as you know I have the same problem. I get a haircut, my mother goes out and gets one like mine, I talk, act, sound and look exactly like my mother. Its not as annoying as it is just plain out freaky. Good news: at least you dont have the same hair style as your dad! lol JK uncle church.
    love you!

  2. Amanda says:

    Well I totally approve of the new jeans and the transitional hairstyle. This is such a great look for Spring! I abolutely looove it. Can’t wait to see you at home and maybe get some tips on new looks from clothes and accessories in my closet.

  3. If it is in your jeans or Genes you rock it all! Genes are always in fashion! So I can’t wait to see you in your next blog. In the mirror you have the most innocent eyes! Just mirroring of your Mom and Dad! Your are sooooo lucky!

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