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Lend me a hand?


While browsing the internet last night, I stumbled upon this gem from ASOS. It’s kind of a blatant copy of this dress, but then again, isn’t everything on ASOS (and Zara, and H&M, for that matter) a copy of something?  I loved Diane von Furstenberg’s version, but when the opportunity to wear essentially the same design for $17, free shipping and handling presents itself, does one- should one- take it?  Beyond that, I can’t decide if the print itself is too much.  It’s definitely 90’s, and I’ve said on more than one occasion (as my roommate can attest) that the 90s were by far my favorite decade, and not just because it was the only one I was alive for.  The line between 90s and tacky is thin, however, and I can’t decide which side of the line this dress falls under. Through all this confusion, one thing is certain: this is way too much thinking to be done over a dress.

That last thought aside, what do you think–too much, or not enough?

And even more importantly, do I get bonus points for including a pun in the title?


5 thoughts on “Lend me a hand?

  1. mary barton says:

    I like it, but it depends on who is wearing it and the quality of the fabric. Would look great in a good silk and a slim figure! You could do it justice for sure.

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