Making a Statement

Necklace: Zara; Dress worn as shirt: Anthropologie; Shorts: Mikkat Market; Shoes: Madewell

Ah, doesn’t this blog just take you right back to the days of middle school? The days of Myspace, may you never resurface, ever.

While observing the above photo you may notice a few things, for example, the green floor mixes with the yellow walls to give off somewhat of a John Deere effect, which in turn clashes rather awkwardly with the pink and black duvet, to which I reply: Not my room, not my problem.  I confess that I don’t own my own full-length mirror, and so I’ve resorted to using my sister’s, without her knowledge.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  I wore this outfit out for an exciting day of going to T.J. Maxx, Starbucks, and the local high school’s production of Macbeth, which I went to see out of a deep love and appreciation for theatre and an admiration for aspiring young actors because my sister was in it.  So, there, I guess we’re even.

A brief note about this necklace: It’s awesome.  At the risk of sounding like every other fashion blogger, Zara is totally having a moment right now, and were my paycheck larger than $0 at the moment I would likely invest in their entire collection.  Note that I say investment rather than expenditure.  #thingsitellmyselftojustifyspendingallofmymoneyonclothing.  Since this necklace is so…bold, I decided to follow the age old adage, “Go big or go home” because, well, it’s an age old adage for a reason.  I chose the former approach because staying home was not an option (see the above note on school plays, specifically Macbeth), and paired this necklace that makes a statement with a print that makes an even louder statement, the statement at hand being “I like bright colors”.  Overall, it made for a fun– and loud– outfit. As in, fun for me to wear, loud for everyone else to look at.

And while we’re on the topic of narcissistic internet photos, here’s a GPOC: Gratuitous Picture of a Cat.  What can I say, she loves her some vintage scarves.


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