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Dip DIY-ing

Jacket: Goodwill, then DIY’ed; t-shirt: Annie Creamcheese; Necklace: Georgetown’s French Market; Jeans: super old Old Navy.

Clever title, eh? At long last, I present you with the DIY that took 30 minutes to make, and 2 weeks to post about.  Yes, I admit it: I caved and became a victim of the dip dye trend.  In my defense, it’s difficult to resist a DIY that requires only 3 ingredients and less than an hour of your time.  That being said, the skill level for this is ridiculously easy, and if you can’t figure it out, we can’t be friends.  Just kidding, kind of. Should you wish to become a victim yourself, the instructions posted on A Pair and A Spare are the best way to go. However, should you find yourself too lazy to click over for the original tutorial, here are the steps:

  1. Acquire a denim jacket.
  2. Procure a bottle of ultra strength bleach.
  3. Wet jacket where you wish to bleach it.
  4. Pour bleach into a bucket, ideally one that you don’t plan on using again.
  5. Place jacket into bleach, and watch it like a hawk.
  6. Remove jacket when desired effect is reached.  Don’t leave in longer than 30 minutes, unless you want it to have holes/fall apart/become a science experiment.
  7. Hose it down like it’s on fire.  And then hose it some more.
  8. Then wait for it to dry.  Now would probably be a good time to put it through the ol’ washer and dryer as well.
  9. Wear, and look awesome.  Expect a few confused jealous stares.

In other news, yes, I realize the pictures used in the above GIF are of horrible quality, I took them with my webcam, and no, I too was unaware until just this moment that the picture quality on this blog could become even worse.  There is light (or perhaps a camera flash?) at the end of the tunnel, however–I went to Best Buy to research DSLRs, and I’ve narrowed it down to the Nikon D3100 and the Canon T3 Rebel.  My research has shed light on an important controversy, however, and so I’m curious–Where do you weigh in on the great Nikon vs. Canon debate?


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