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Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow

Shirt: Goodwill DIY; Shorts: J. Crew; Shoes: Madewell

I apologize in advance, but I’m about to show some mad love for this outfit.  As the temperature crept into the high 70s for the second time in Maine this year, I knew a celebratory outfit was in order.  Worn together, the bright green pattern and neon yellow come across as somewhat of an assault on the eyes, not unlike the feeling one gets when staring straight into the sun.  Mission accomplished.

This outfit brings up a second sentiment, one I’ve been meaning to flesh out for quite some time, and that is my love for Goodwill.  Alas, my hometown is not the shopping mecca that my former workplace in Georgetown was, and shopping options are for the most part limited to JC Penney and Goodwill.  Seeing as how I’ve come to associate the shopping experience at JC Penney with frantically searching, in vain, for a dress for the upcoming Father Daughter Ball (Does anyone else remember going to those?  Did I just reveal something too embarrassing?), most of my shopping occurs at Goodwill instead.  Of course, any Goodwill is only as good as the cast-offs of its residents, but I’ve found some pretty good things there, including the shirt above.  Originally a dress, I literally took a pair of scissors and cut the dress in half, and now I have both a shirt and a skirt, a two-for-one deal if you will.  I might even venture so far as to say shopping at Goodwill fosters creativity.

So, I’m dying to know:  Do you too find yourself shopping at Goodwill on the weekly? If not, what are your favorite off-the-beaten-path shopping haunts?

**In other news, I recently had the opportunity to Skype with the Today Show, and should you be interested in viewing it, you can do so by clicking here.  I’m not saying I’m famous or anything, buuut if I were you I’d get my autograph before I’m too famous to know you.

And with that…

See ya!


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