On Home Improvement and Giving Advice

Did I trick you into thinking I was cool with that last pose there?

Shirt + Boots: Madewell; Pants: Simply Vera; Scarf: Eastern Market DC; Necklace: The Georgetown French Market


New place, new digs, ya dig? It’s been a fun time the past few days setting things up, buying furniture, and using makeshift objects such as scissors and safety pins to drill holes in the wall in lieu of a toolkit because using actual tools is for suckers. Just kidding, it’s because I don’t own a toolkit. The past few days have also involved a lot of Youtube-ing various home improvement techniques, such as “How to fix a broken toilet handle”, which resulted in digging around in the top of the toilet, gagging uncontrollably but to no avail. My chosen career path isn’t a plumber for a reason. Lack of a toolkit and home improvement skills aside, however, the place is coming together quite nicely aside from the roach infestation, but that’s a story for another day.

This outfit presents somewhat of a mixed concoction, a sartorial cocktail of sorts, combining two spheres of dressing never previously mixed before, at least for me: Dressing professionally, and dressing for the heat.  Dressing for the heat is one thing, and dressing professionally is another, but combining the two into one cohesive outfit presents somewhat of a challenge. Usually because dressing for the former means wearing less clothing, and dressing for the latter means adding clothing, traditionally in the form of a blazer. Can you see how the two contradict? In the name of getting a job fashion, however, I attempted to play to both aesthetics by creating one dual-personality outfit: Heat-approved sleeveless tank up top, professional-approved trousers on bottom. And a scarf on my head because, well, because. The addition of librarian glasses hints that I may be smart and well-read, however true or untrue that may be. These glasses also seem to invite the question of whether or not they have real lenses, the most recent incident of which happened when a young girl approached me in the middle of Ikea and proceeded to interrogate me for a solid ten minutes, only relenting when I finally took off the glasses and showed her that yes, they do indeed have lenses, and yes, those lenses contain a prescription without which I cannot see.

This all culminates into the main point of this post, as alluded to in the title. What follows is the best piece of fashion advice I’ve ever received, and that is: Dress for the job you want. Simple, but it’s the best advice I’ve received because it’s been proven true time and time again, in a highly elaborate and extensively funded scientific study, and by highly elaborate scientific study I mean applying for jobs. My theory is that if you look the part, you’re already ahead of the game. Most companies are trying to sell an aesthetic, and showing that you understand their image is way more powerful than telling them. I will add that thus far, this advice has only been tested on retail companies, but from the promising preliminary results I predict that this advice could be applicable to other industries as well.

That being said, what’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?


2 thoughts on “On Home Improvement and Giving Advice

  1. The best advice I ever got was “You can’t go out wearing THAT!” which came from The Mom. Also, I’m saddened that the DC toolkit is no longer among your possessions. Give me a moment…

  2. mary barton says:

    I think that remark from my son came out of his imagination – he always dressed impeccably with surfer duds and blue jeans full of holes and fish guts! My advice is what my Mom taught me – don’t wear what everyone else is, be original and always with classic taste. Give me your new address when you have a moment and FYI the water in the top tank of the toilet is fresh and clean!

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