Fashion musings

The Many Uses of Vogue

For those who have somehow miraculously made their way through the Vogue September issue already and are now wondering what to do with the colossal 976 pages, might I suggest a few uses culled from personal experience: Proof of address for anything from a library card to…anything else that requires proof of address, a fashionable yet subtle weight for the athletic fashionista on the go (and for the record, carrying it three flights of stairs from the mailbox to your door totally counts), and lastly, the use I’m most partial toward, wallpaper.  It’s so this season. See example below:

Sure, my curtains may be held up with an extension cord, but the chic wallpaper more than makes up for it. And while we’re on the subject of Vogue… I’ll be attending this year’s Teen Vogue Fashion University in October. (If that sentence seems tame, you should see the many exclamation points deleted before this post was published). If you also happen to be going, let me know in the comments…no judgment if you use a ton of exclamation points.


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