One Dress, Two Ways


One dress, two ways, or in other words, the outfit I liked so much I wore it twice. The first iteration dabbles in the skant, with a pair of jeans underneath the dress.  In the second, the skant makes itself scarce and the outfit becomes less tap dance performance, more  fashion show appropriate with the addition of ankle boots. A leather jacket toughens up the look, and my face becomes somewhat of a kaleidoscope with face paint courtesy of Tawney’s Body Paint at last night’s SoLily Glitterama Fashion show.

In the last photo, you may notice a toolbox in the lower left corner. This is because I spent the majority of this past week building a loft, realizing it was built backwards and thus was structurally unsound, slept in it anyway for two days, then finally took it apart and reassembled it the right way. I’m not a carpenter for a reason. My weekend of woodworking aside, however, how was your weekend? Did you undertake any big projects? If so, here’s to hoping they went right the first time.

Want more? Read my recap of the SoLily Fashion Show here.


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