Cut It Out

Recently I’ve noticed an increase in strategically cut clothing in my wardrobe. One explanation might be that trading out the climate of Maine for that of Florida has led to creative innovations with my clothing, in which cut outs become something closer in kin to air vents, and less of a fashion statement. However, while climate certainly plays an important role in wardrobe choice, there may be another force at work, that force being the one that asserts the position that sometimes wearing a garment with cutouts is simply much more fun. Below, a series of photos:

From the top: A traditional black dress becomes a dress with a view of the shirt underneath when a window is installed into the back. The next features a romper with legs, or a jumpsuit as it is otherwise known. This one hails from Free People and also happens to have a drop crotch, which is either intentional or due to a poor fit, I can’t decide. Lastly, a dress that is no stranger to this blog shows off its many, many cutouts while also functioning as an effective air conditioner. And although these three looks center around the cutouts of the clothes, it should also be pointed out that sometimes, the best cutout is the one on your head.


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