Can I kick it?



While it is a universal truth that I’ve never met a shoe I didn’t like, sneakers have always been a particularly difficult genre for me to embrace. Straddling that fine line between too casual and too cool, I typically go the route of avoiding them entirely. When Isabel Marant first released her now-infamous wedge sneaker a few seasons ago, at first I was incredulous–why try to make a casual shoe dressy? If I don’t like sneakers to begin with, why would I want more of them, particularly when that extra sneaker is unequally distributed into the heel area?

Although I swore them off for as long as I could, I knew it was only a matter of time before my initial [intense] hatred subsided and transformed into a full-on obsession. And obsessed I was, until I met similar knock-offs in Target the other day. Left with the exciting prospect of experiencing the thrill of a $640 shoe for the low cost of throwing down $35, throw down I did.

This, of course, set off a wave of sneaker-inspired outfits. Jeans and T combo needing an extra kick? Add some high-top Bensimons. Skirt too dressy? Add some furry leopard print/black patent combo sneakers, complete with a zip closure, because laces are so last season. This provides an explanation for the outfit below, cue photo:


Despite the lack of leg movement, now’s your chance to answer the question this post is begging to ask: Can I kick it?

***DISCLAIMER: I may or may not have been listening to Wu-Tang Clan during the making of this post.


2 thoughts on “Can I kick it?

  1. Jenny says:

    I was just browsing for more blogs to add to my list and I saw yours! Love it! The idea of calling it ‘the mirror shot’ is great as everyone does it! I really like your style too, kinda boho chic, and with your side shaved hair you’ve got a full package! 🙂

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