Tigers and Cameras



Me and DvF, #casual

Although this blog was not founded on the basis of stellar photography (cue the images of flash reflections, duck faces, et al conjured by the Google Image search “mirror shot” [sidenote: I’m not hating; many of this blog’s page views owe themselves to that very set of search terms.]), after reviewing a few images of a past outfit and realizing all of them were either a.) out of focus, b.) obscured by the dirt on my mirror, or c.) unusable due to an awkward face on my end (hint: that was all of them), I decided an overhaul to my photographing process was in order. I’ve now graduated to the much more sophisticated model of propping my camera up on the shelf in the bathroom, balancing the lens on a tube of toothpaste, setting the self timer and sprinting to the other side of my room, making it just in time to be captured mid-pose, and ultimately having to repeat the process. After a few series of click-and-repeats, the results were much more viewable than before (see above). I’m still working on the less-awkward face part.


Detail shot: Both vintage, one conceals a hidden pen (can you guess which one?).

These pictures also serve as evidence that no, I am not over my hat phase yet. The ratio of my outfits worn with hats to outfits sans head ornament are tipping rapidly in favor of the former. I’ve even developed an instinctual hand-to-head reflex every time a gust of breeze blows by, prompting such helpful-after-the-fact comments from strangers as, “Hold onto your hat–don’t let it fly away!”

I haven’t decided yet if wearing a hat at night is on the same level of sketchiness as wearing sunglasses at night, because hats, much like sunglasses, were presumably created to shield one from the sun, and nighttime is noticeably lacking in UV radiation. Thoughts? Sketchy, or just cool enough? And one last question–is it just as much of a douchebag move as wearing glasses without a prescription? OR is that cool too now? I’m so out of the loop.

Later, as the temperature dropped in response to the impending daily Florida afternoon rainstorm, I threw on this bad boy. Or, should I say, bad boys, culled from the museum of my life that is Instagram (@becckitt, follow for a good time). In this shirt, Maison Scotch takes the classic Angel/Devil on your shoulder routine and refreshes it by turning them into angry embroidered tigers.


They have yet to dispense any advice, adversary or otherwise, but I’ll keep you updated if they do.


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