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One of my favorite nuggets of fashion wisdom came from a magazine (Allure, maybe?) years ago, when a model-of-the-moment was asked for her best piece of advice for looking confident. Her answer? “Never look in a mirror.” It may have been intended as a tongue-in-cheek statement, but what if it were taken literally?

If there’s one thing Paris taught me, it’s that looking effortless goes hand-in-hand with feeling effortless. And after a month of being mirror-handicapped, I think there might be something to be gained from losing the mirror.  I’ve always considered it an integral part of the daily dressing routine–hell, I even named my blog after it. But what I’ve often found is that relying on a mirror is a slippery slope that leads to nitpicking every detail of an outfit, and it isn’t too long before you wind up with the sartorial equivalent of an overly botoxed face.

Now that I’m back in the presence of a full-length mirror, I’ve found that I’ve gone right back to seeking its approval before heading out the door. I’ve kind of even considered getting rid of it. I’ve tried self-imposing a ban on using it, though like a toxic on-again, off-again relationship, I inevitably find myself right back in front of it again. And you know what? My outfits haven’t been that great, or at least I haven’t felt as great in them as I did when I was dressing without a mirror. I think this might be because the mirror shows all of the possible worst case scenarios. Having scrutinized my outfit from every angle, I know all of the things that could go wrong with my outfit, like if my shirt comes untucked here, it’ll look more Hannah Horvath, less Hanne Gaby Odiele.

Dressing in front of a mirror is, quite literally, dressing to be seen. But if style is all about confidence, and confidence comes from within, shouldn’t feeling good in an outfit be enough to take that blind leap of faith out the door? And really, what does a mirror know about style, anyway? Does it have pattern-clashing credentials? Does it even know how to pronounce Balenciaga?  After all, if the end goal is effortless, I can’t think of what action throws caution to the sartorial winds more than saying “To hell with it!” and heading out the door with none of the usual visual affirmations a mirror provides, but with all of the comforts of knowing you feel good in an outfit fully intact.

I trust my gut to make most of my decisions, anyway, so why shouldn’t some of that same responsibility carry over to dressing?

As per usual, this post contained more questions than answers, and now I have one (or two) for you: do you rely on a mirror to get dressed in the morning? Or, have you made like Samantha in the first (and what arguably should have been last) SATC movie and eschewed them from your routine entirely? Tell me–I’m dying to know your morning routine. How you like your eggs, fried or fertilized? 


Hat Tricks




After a recent hour-long binge of scrolling endlessly through the Tumblr pictures resulting from a tag search of “Jessa GIRLS”, coupled with a serendipitous encounter with a hat similar to the one worn by the girl in the aforementioned pictures, I bought my first hat.

And I’m glad I did. Despite the loss of my peripheral vision, I’m adjusting to the new requirement of having to turn my entire head and sometimes entire top half instead of simply glancing with my eyes just fine.  The resulting look is part Jessa, part Zorro, but that’s a hybrid I’m willing to live with.

Save for the furry and oft-earmuffed versions reserved for colder weather, I haven’t stuck my head into the world of millinery before, and frankly I’m not sure what took me so long. Given my laziness penchant for letting my hair go au natural for a few days at a time, a hat serves as the perfect cover up. And if you need to take the hat off for any reason, never fear: everyone will be so distracted by the hat head that any less-than-clean roots will likely slick by unnoticed. [pun intended.]


The second main point of the post is this: I got me some ombré, hombre. Although it is difficult to see considering the progression goes from blonde to slightly blonder, and it requires a prompt something along the lines of, “Hey, did you notice the ends of my hair are lighter since you saw me last?” before anyone notices. I like to think it’s a sign that it looks natural rather than a sign that my hair is exactly the same shade that it was $65 ago.

For the record, let it be stated that my recent foray into the world of headwear does not have any connection whatsoever to my haircut recently being named one of the worst of the century. Can’t win ‘em all.  (But seriously, has no one seen a fully executed mullet? The Google image search alone is the stuff of nightmares.)

Lest you think the title of this post should fail to deliver, my hat goes off to you, see GIF below. Have a great Easter Sunday, or just a great Sunday.
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