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To chop, or not to chop?



File this one under “Late Night Tea-Fueled Photoshop Disasters” and “Images That Will Keep Me Up for the Rest of the Night”.  After coming across the top image on Pinterest the other day, I haven’t been able to get that haircut, in all of its beautiful asymmetry, out of my head. I’ve been in a self-described period of hair limbo for the past few months trying to decide whether or not to keep up with the shaved part. Although at this point, indecision has become its own decision as I’ve forgone interfering and have kind of let it, you know, just do its thing. However, now that it’s been a few months, my side ratty is looking, well, a little ratty.

And so it should seem like a godsend that this photo appeared on my screen–clearly, if you start spending this much time trying to realistically Photoshop a haircut to your head, you should probably just get it actually cut on your head–I’m not sure I’m ready to take the plunge.

Among other questions forming a barrier between me and this new ‘do: what if it looks weird? Will I constantly look like I’m cocking my head to one side, or stuck in a perpetual state of imbalance? Will I follow suit and actually start to lose balance? What about my ombré, which, despite fighting an exhausting battle against bleach damage in the beginning, has actually held up pretty well?  What if I end up looking exactly like my mother, as apparently I am wont to do anytime my hair falls above my shoulders? How will my hair look in a hat? Will it be able to be coerced back into a ponytail? A bun? What will a bad hair look like if I can’t use one of the aforementioned options? Hell, what will a good hair day even look like?

And, perhaps the most pressing question of all–Why does so much thought go into changing hair? In the end, it’s still just hair. Isn’t it supposed to grow back or something? It’s one of our most easily altered features, and–thankfully–also one of our most fixable. So why does making a change feel so drastic?

What about you–are you debating a hair change? Have you ever thought this much about hair? And please, please, please tell me if you’ve ever stooped to the level of actually photoshopping it onto your [digital] self. Maybe we can start a Follicle-holics Anonymous group.

Fashion musings

On Getting a Haircut

In keeping with the grand tradition of Photobooth reveals…..

…I pulled half a Britney-Spears.

Let me begin by stating that I’ve never been known for having dramatic hair. I did dabble in the world of full bangs once, but considering I also had them throughout all of preschool, I think that disqualifies them from being considered dramatic. But after longingly staring at pictures of Alice Dellal for two years, I finally had to admit this was no longer just a phase.

I’m not sure how long this particular look will stick around, but it will be fun to play around with in the coming weeks/months as it grows out. (And to embrace my inner Lisbeth Salander. Did I mention my middle name is Elizabeth?). It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, you know, not having half my head, but feeling a breeze on the right side of my head has been a liberating experience thus far. If nothing else, at least I’ll be saving a ton of shampoo.

What’s the most dramatic hair style you’ve tried?